Issue 1.1 : VKC, Volume 1: Ocular Surface Diseases

Expert’s Lecture

In this audio-visual lecture of 40 minutes, Dr Sameera Irfan explains the following:

  1. What is Ocular Surface ? How it is affected by chronic conjunctivitis?
  2. The Pathogenesis of Atopic and Vernal Conjunctivitis.
  3. The Clinical symptoms, signs and GRADING the severity of VKC.
  4. A MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL according to disease severity.

6 thoughts on “Expert’s Lecture

  1. Mazhar Soomro says:

    Wonderful presentation

  2. WASEEM JAFRI says:

    Very nice informative lecture.
    VKC is the very common disorder which is usually mismanaged and results in blinding complications. This information will really help in correct management of such cases.

    1. Dr Sameera Irfan says:

      Thanks very much. Very grateful

  3. Muammad Azhar Qazi says:

    Excellent lecture giving indepth clear concepts regarding very common problem mostly mis-managed by most of us.
    May Allah reward you Dr Sameera for your un-tiring efforts in sharing knowledge

    1. Dr Sameera Irfan says:

      Very grateful Dr Qazi for your kind remarks. I hope this endeavour may bring a change in the current Ophthalmic practices.
      Best Regards

  4. royala zaka says:

    Excellent ? lecture ..I really listened twice on order to remind my self…thankyou so much

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