Issue 1.3 : Microbial Keratitis, Volume 1: Ocular Surface Diseases

Preparation for Corneal Intra-stromal Injection

Author: Dr Mazhar u zaman Soomro ( Khanpur, Pakistan )

1: Amphotericin B intracameral

1. Add 10 ml distilled water to parental vial of Amphotericin B 50 mg powder
2. Take 0.2 ml of this solution
3. Add in 0.8 ml of BSS or sterile water
4. Draw 0.1 ml of this solution &  add it to 0.9 ml of BSS
This will make the formulary 0.1mg/ml or 10 microgram/0.1 ml. Use it immediately

2: Amphotercin B intrastromal

1. Take 10 mls distilled water & add to parental vial of amphitercin B 50 mg powder

2.Take 0.2 ml of this solution & add in 0.8 ml of BSS or distilled water.

  1. Draw 0.1 ml of this solution & add it to 0.9 ml of BSS.

This makes the formulary 0.1mg/ml or 10 microgram /0.1 ml. for immediate use

3: Voriconazole for intrastromal injection:


1:Take 20 cc of ringers lactate and add to 200 mg voriconazole powder

2:Take 1 ml from this solution and add 19 ml ringers solution.

 This will give the formulary 0.05 mg/ml or 50 microgram /0.1ml

4: Ascorbic acid drops


Dissolve 500 mg tablet in 5cc distilled water.

This makes 10% Ascorbate eyedrops.

Storage: in refrigerator at 4 degree C Life :48 hours

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    Very useful drug dosage and now easy to make

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